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Left4Craft has been around for over 8 years, and the best way to support its continued growth is by purchasing a recurring rank.
All players get a 1 month free trial on their first subscription.

Annual Billing (save 20%)

User+ Rank

$1.49/ month


  • User+ Prefix
  • 4 homes in survival
  • 4 creative plots
  • 500 cosmetic coins per month
  • Iron Golem disguise
  • Nickname
  • Monthly cosmetic chest key

Donor Rank

$4.99/ month


  • Donor Prefix
  • Blue nickname
  • /back on death
  • No teleport delay
  • 6 homes in survival
  • 6 creative plots
  • /hat, /craft, and /enderchest
  • 1000 cosmetic coins per month
  • 1 Mythic key per month
  • Iron Golem, Squid, and Cow disguise

Patron Rank

$7.99/ month


  • Patron Prefix
  • Colored and formatted nickname
  • All Donor perks
  • 10 homes in survival
  • 16 creative plots
  • /skull in creative
  • 2000 cosmetic coins per month
  • 2 Mythic key per month
  • Player disguise

Patron+ Rank

$14.99/ month


  • Patron+ Prefix
  • All Patron perks
  • UNLIMITED homes in survival
  • 32 creative plots
  • 4000 cosmetic coins per month
  • 2 Mythic key per month
  • 1 Legendary key per month

Thanks to your support, Left4Craft has been online for


Only want to pay once?

If you don't want to subscribe to a rank, you can buy lifetime ranks, cosmetics keys and coins with a one-time purchase.

Frequently-asked questions

Why does Left4Craft need money?

Running a quality Minecraft server can be expensive in the long run. Many costs, including domain registration, website hosting, and server hosting are ongoing. Subscriptions are the only way to sustainably fund Left4Craft in the long run.

Is there a free trial? Can I cancel at any time?

Yes and yes. All Minecraft accounts (not emails) who have not subscribed before will get a free 30-day trial of any rank, after which billing will begin. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, for any reason, including during the trial period. For full details, see our Terms of Service.

Can I buy / gift ranks for other people?

Yes! Simply enter their Minecraft username during the checkout process. You can manage multiple active subscriptions at once.

What are cosmetic coins and keys used for? How do I use them?

Cosmetic coins and keys can be used to obtain cosmetic items in-game such as balloons, pets, and gadgets. To open the cosmetics menu, go to hub, survival, or creative and use "/cosmetics". To use a key, go to hub (by the party games portal), survival spawn, or creative spawn, and right click the chest that says "Open Treasure."

Where can I get help with my order?

You can reach out on the official Discord server linked in the footer of this page or email for assistance.