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By SendNoods
im a big roblox boss so im kind of a big deal. if you dont respect me and my friend kernul sock we gunna have a problem. capiche? remember.. i got lots of robux and could transfer all my funds at any time. i could put a bounty on ya minecraft family for $4k. dont tess me. my horse can jump 10 blocks so dont even try stoppin me. i got the record for the most flint and steel kills in minecraft history and ive only been playin for 30 days. agin i dont like repeating myself but this is essential. dont tesst me. i can get the whole country of london to throw potions of harming on your livestock if i wanted to. dont tess me. if i ever see ya stupid square head in my city causin trouble.. you aint never goin ta see the respawn button because id lock you in my tnt room rigged to blow if you disrupt any block. youd be too afraid t o do anything so you just stand there eating the poison potato thati have dropped in every 3 hours. but then again.. dont test me.

okay, Thank you for clarification!

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