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Sever reset ye or neigh

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By HeroQuinster
Due to the new information on minecon earth, we get a new nether and changes to the mountains. This is a drastic change and I think calls for a reset. As well this update will change biomes and a complete nether overhaul.

Although we all don’t want snowier snow hahaha
We do want the new nether changes and I say we vote on getting reset wether that be through a complete reset of the world and it going up for
Download or having to server world that is the current one and the new one as suggested before.

Note this is not for 1.15 but for 1.16 that I suspect to be released late Ish next year with 1.15 being a small update. Hopefully it will improve multiplayer:D I will repost this closer to the update.

Sry I got excited by minecon XD
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By TeslaBella
Ok, first off this is a year away so please not everyone panic ... Enjoy what you have now. A lot can happen in a years time and I think everyone is losing sight of the here and now. Mojang says it will be late coming out with 1.16 and a lot of things can happen during this time frame. So please don't go panicking and stirring up everyone with what is coming out in the future by hearsay.
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Maybe we can have 2 survivals?
One with the old map and the other with a new map?
For people wanting to start new VS people who wanna keep working on their stuff now.
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By TeslaBella
Not sure I get this but are you suggesting that we back up this 1.14 and then open new world when 1.16 comes out we open that? Because you realize that 1.15 is just the addition of bees. The major update for new environment and fixes comes with 1.16, which is slated to come out early April or so of 2020. It would be unless to install the 1.15 just for bees and then turn around and update to 1.16 less than 6 months later.
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Yeah? I was just saying, back up the world. Maybe put it up for download? Just in case people wanna keep playing on it offline? I know I'd be upset if I did al this work only for it to get deleted. But yeah, if we can have 2 separate worlds both still updated that would work? Just one is a rest map and the other isn't? I hope this makes some sort of sense.
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By 3028
If we are mainly looking for a Nether reset, then we can just delete the current nether world and restart the server when the new update comes out; ergo generating a newly updated Nether.
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By TeslaBella
I believe Cap is waiting on 1.16 to reset so no rumors plz...
1.16 is due out in the spring it will have all the major updates
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