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By TeslaBella
I thought of this and thought it would be fun and plus it allows players to build their towns. I got to thinking it would be fun to have a mod that would allow players to get animals and mobs to their claims without losing them. I have seen wolfs and cats with collars left in wilds because they do not follow back to their homes. Well, instead of a bunch of collared animals left behind maybe if we had a stick that we could use and smack the mob or animal and turn it into an egg , at a price of course. Say $1000 monies, it is high enough that people would be careful in using the stick to the egg. Thoughts?
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By TeslaBella
True, but can't go too much higher than 2500 as this might make newer players feel like they at a disadvantage
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By _MrSmity_
In a sense it kills the mob and gives the player the item (Mob Egg) into their inventory, In this case of that particular mob.
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By TeslaBella
hit any mob with a stick and it turns into an egg that goes into your inventory that way you can place the egg where you want but of course there should be a price for each egg you collect.
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By I_luxias_I
This would be a cool addon because i spent 20min trying to bring a fox to mu base that was 15k blocks out and at the end when there were 1k blocks left the fox died from a cactus it would have been a-lot easier if i had this option
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By TeslaBella
Yas, I think tho to keep the economy level that for each stick into egg action there should be a price for each egg collected.

okay, Thank you for clarification!

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