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By RobertTheMiner
I have made a lot of progress on the 1.13 map, so i would like to suggest (I know that the map will be downloadable, but I would like to play with other players on it.) :
Keep the 1.13 map on the server, but create a new 1.15 map too. Make them both as a choice in the hub, but the 1.13 map should run in the 1.15 version of minecraft too, so we don't have to change versions to access it.

I hope most of you guys will like my suggestion, and that Sisko will make it happen.
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Totally Agree! I've done ALOT on our current Survival Map and would HATE to loose all my hard work.
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By HeroQuinster
Same although if there is some burden on the server we do not know about then a world download would be fine

okay, Thank you for clarification!

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