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By GoodTimeWithDrac
(Q)Age: 20

Timezone: EST - (A) Eastern Standard Time

(Q)Have you ever been banned, jailed, or muted, if so, why - (A) No As my time of being on this server, and being a staff
member on this server, I have never been jailed, nor muted.

(Q)Have you ever abused your rank before - (A) No I have never abused my rank before, I take moderation very serious, and am aware of the expectations required to moderate a server, as this is experience I have had in the past.

(Q)How active are you on the server - (A) 3-4 times a week as I got a job and am very active on the server discord.

(Q)Why do you want to become a staff member - (A) I want to become a moderator because I have had tons of experience on servers, and a lot of research to run a server efficient and cleanly way. The community is what matters the most on a server to me, and always will matter.

(Q)Why should you be trusted with the responsibility and powers associated with being a staff member - (A) I should be responsible for the powers and responsibility of being a moderator 1 As a helper of Left4Craft, I have never once abused my powers in any way, nor ever will, I used to run servers back in the day, so I am accustomed to all the responsibilities I am about to face, if I get the moderator role. I been with Left4Craft for almost 6 years and still counting!

(Q)Do you have prior experience as a Minecraft server Moderator or developer - (A) I have experience in both of these, as I used to run my own server in the past, I know a little bit of java scrip in my time of hosting a server, but I had higher responsibillity cause I was the owner of that server.

(Q) Do you fully understand how to use the commands you have as Helper - (A) I fully understand the commands including coreprotect.
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By Connor_CP
Drac has been wonderful during my time on the server, incredibly kind, helpful and intelligent person and held their title of Helper very well. +1
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By HeroQuinster
Drac deserves his title as helper and so much more and he doesn't over exercise his power so we he uses it its genuine and hes just a great I guy id recommend
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By Spleen_
Drac has been nothing shy of awesome. Always there to help, and is always kind. I think he would make a fantastic moderator.
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