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Purge the End Yay or Nay

The fact that players can no longer end bust is very sad and disappointing ,however, we as a server are running out of end resources and need more, most players only have one elytra and maybe a handful of shulker boxes, which is fine for our needs ,however, with many new players the major sellers will run out and there is no way to restock unless earth cheaty cheats some into the games.

So I think this calls for a purging of the End
Don't even think of corrupting the economy with "no way to restock unless earth cheaty cheats some into the games." I have no objecting to restarting the end as long as it gives those that didn't have the opportunity to get some resources. And that those players that had already depleted it give all players a fair chance. I for one would not mind gaining some endstone and chorus fruits.

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