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By Librada
Hello, its Librada.

I have this weird thought of like every month the server will get together and poll on the 'nicest person' on the server. First im going to explain the history of me thinking about this suggestion, then why i think this is a good idea, then how I vision it working.

History: So in the past I have seen many rude people online. There's not really a way to make them nice either. They make the server mad, for example, these group of guys called me 'Lib-Tard' because my name has Lib in it. It didn't make me feel nice (not to mention there was no admins online when it happened) So I just dealt with it. I think my idea would make people want to be nicer to get 'picked' for nicest person.

Why do I think this is a good idea? Well, like i said in the 'History part' I think people would want to be nicer, I really do think this. Sometimes the server just isn't a nice place to go to, and I really do feel my idea would make it better. Off my experience here, I think this is a 'average' community based on mean and nice communities. I think this will make the community nicer.

My vision: I think like every month there will be a poll and players will put players in it. Once players put the names in it, people will vote on who the nicest person is. Once that person is voted, they cant be voted again, till the next update (like 1.14 ect) That person that gets picked, will get a like present, or like a supersize, something rare, like another home, or something another players dont have.

I really do suggest this. It will make the community nicer, and I have talked about it in chat and other people agreed with me.

Thanks for your time, Librada.
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By CPT_Myles
Sehr interessant

Will pass on to staff
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