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By Captain_Sisko
I know I've been rather vague about what exactly is changing about the server. I wanted to make this post to summarize what I, Eartharoid, and the builders have been working on. This list is in no way comprehensive.

1) BungeeCord
Essentially, instead of a single server Left4Craft will be multiple servers connected by a proxy. These servers, however, will have interconnected chat and will behave similarly to worlds do on the current server. You will not have to leave and reconnect to travel between servers. There are a number of advantages to this system, including its increased efficiency, scalability, and redundancy (if one server goes down the rest can function normally). Of course, switching to this system requires Eartharoid and I to build all 5 servers and a bungee proxy from scratch. I've had to rewrite many of my custom plugins to work better with bungee. You can read more about Bungee here.

2) ForumSync
This is the plugin I wrote to allow players to register in game. I have rewritten it to work on bungee and operate asynchronously. I am also planning on finally supporting UUIDs. This will be a long and difficult process since Phpbb has no inbuilt system to handle uuids, but I think it would be worthwhile in the long run. I'll upload this to github later so you can see the source code if you want.

3) Discord
No more DiscordSRV!!!!!! I wrote my own discord plugin that ports Minecraft chat to Discord and syncs your in game rank with discord rank. And it ACTUALLY WORKS! No more trying to link and unlink your account 20 times. You can view the code for the bots here. I also wrote a console bot for the staff server. Note that I haven't yet uploaded the latest version of the code to github since I'm still trying to improve stability.

4) Zombies
Left4Craft is getting a new Zombies gamemode! Its gameplay will be similar to COD zombies. It's super fun.

5) Survival
Left4Craft survival will probably reset for 1.13. If the server is updated prior to 1.13, we will keep the current world until 1.13 is released. Of course, it will take a couple weeks to get all the plugins ready for 1.13.

6) Creative
Creative will remain relatively unchanged. We will keep the current world (despite what I said earlier)

7) Changes to the Store
Game servers aren't cheap, and for the past few months I've been paying entirely out of pocket. This is partially my fault for making the store so terrible. We will be switching to Buycraft. There have also been changes to the donor ranks. User+ and Donor will remain unchanged, but Donor+ will be replaced with Patron and there will be a new rank called Patron+. All people who currently have the Donor+ rank will become Patrons for life. The Patron rank will cost $5/month and Patron+ will cost $10/month. You can save a little by buying a quarterly subscription. Earthariod and I will also be adding new cosmetics and crates, so stay tuned for that. You can see what's in the shop so far here.

8) Voting
Voting on certain sites has been broken for awhile, but this will be fixed in the update. There will also be new rewards, even some cosmetics for voting. In the meantime, I would still encourage everyone to vote here because it really helps the server get new players. You still get rewards in game right now.

9) Economy
The economy will be reset because it is clearly broken. In the new server, we will carefully set prices and prevent the selling of renewable resources to the server. This will probably end up in a thread of its own.

10) Other stuff
The server doesn't have additional gamemodes planned at release, but we will later add an additional server with rotating gamemodes. These gamemodes can include paintball, kitpvp, spleef, or whatever else people want.

I would like to thank everyone for their patience. This is a long and tough process, but hopefully it will be rewarding in the end.
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By rchristopherc
Will Donor+’s still have the option to donate $5/ month even though we have the rank permanently? And lootboxes in mc, lol.
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By Captain_Sisko
@NerdDoesGaming You should be able to subscribe to the Patron rank even if you're already a Patron for life. However, you would lose your rank if you stopped paying. I would manually restore your permanent Patron rank if this were to happen.
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By Captain_Sisko
Still todo (again, this list is not comprehensive):

- Install votifier
- Greatly improve Discord bot stability
- Finish the server shop
- Finally add UUID support to the forums
- (not required for server update) Find a cheaper web host and make forum emails actually work
- Increase plugin efficiency and stability (fix mysql errors)
- Set up zombies arenas once builders finish

@Eartharoid :
- Finish installing Procosmetics on all the servers
- Install/configure Coreprotect, griefprevention, other smaller plugins
- Nag the builders to finish

- Finish Zombies Arenas
- Build chest opening locations (probably in survival spawn; see Eartharoid for details)
- Build terrain around the main spawn
- Make the main spawn look good from the outside since people can fly around with cosmetics
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By Captain_Sisko
Server website has been moved and email finally works! UUID support is still in progress.

EDIT: Notification settings were updated for everyone now that email actually works. UUID support is coming this weekend (hopefully).
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By IshFen
Eartharoid mentioned today that the update is coming tomorrow is that true?
I would like to know so i can sell everything
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By Eartharoid
Sorry, I meant I will be updating the new server to 1.13.1 so we can get it ready. Left4Craft will still be 1.12 for a while.

Also when the update does come, selling your items won't help because the economy will be reset.
Server should be open by Christmas, maybe earlier.
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