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So I've got a plot in creative, I absolutely love.
I'd like to keep working on it, but if something happened on the
server, like for example a wipe when 1.16 comes, I'd loose all my work.
Is there a way that I could download 1 plot?
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Cool to know, considering the server is going to have to do a clear soon for the new update,
could we possibly get that set up?
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By Captain_Sisko
The creative server hasn't been cleared for the past few major server updates, and I don't see why it would need to be. The survival world is sometimes reset, but this is only to ensure that the latest world generator features are present.

Whenever a world here is reset, the old world is put up for download.
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Oh Perfect! I'm excited to download the survival world after the Nether update is put in place officially.
Where will it be downloadable? Also will it only be up for a period of time or?
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