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By AuGolden

Don't know if anyone remembers me ( :cry: ) but I joined the server in late 2014 sometime with the name Jamie3213 and quit in 2015 and I'm finally coming back (Unless I dissapeared for another 2 years).

I don't really remember anyone except for CPT_Miles, Cisco, and Yuukina rings a bell after looking at the mods page.

Also met one of my best friends on here, who I still talk to every day online (I'm British, she's American, a real weirdo tbh). We met on here, lost each other for ages, and miraculously found each other on a Mineplex Lobby (no ban plz) 6 months later (She didn't remember me but I kept stalking her anyways until she pretended she did). :)

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By CPT_Myles
Hello there!

also it's with a 'y' :c
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