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By Mast3rKP
It feels like an eternity ago that I last was an active player in this community and I will never be one ever again sadly I just came here to check in. The server has changed a lot during my tenure as staff and then as regular player, through multiple owners, worlds, etc; some for the better and sometimes worse. I still remember building my 4x4 stone house on the first world, across from Siskos house which contained a nether farm and an underwater room. I remember the zombies mode that I used to game on, and in most cases get killed within 5 minutes. I remember first getting helper and being so excited because I was gonna help this server grow and then mod which came more responsibilities and commands I never figured out .
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By Eartharoid
Hi! Welcome back to Left4Craft :)
Unfortunately, the old Zombies minigame will likely never return as the plugin is outdated, but we are working on a new COD Zombies game.
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By CPT_Myles
Was that the house next to woolmart? If so I 'member
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