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By CaptainSoldier76
I am new and wondering some questions for this server. I also have been playing a lot and like the server very much. I like how it is a small community but it also seems big at the same time. I feel as I can see many peoples work but only a couple people. I am looking forward to playing more and would like to become a builder or staff at some point in my time playing on the server.
Here are the questions:
• If I find an empty house with chests will items unclaimed, can I live in it without changing anything expect maybe a couple of my own chests, a bed, crafting table, etc.?
• Why are applications closed on the forums?
• Does the server ever reset, like everything is cleared and you need to do everything all over again or does that not happen?
• Does this server have a discord channel? If not, I would be happy to help create one is anyone would like, my discord username is TheGamingLightning#5687
• Who is the owner of the server and does he have discord? I would like to talk to him about serval things.
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By rchristopherc
To answer your questions:

1. You can try, but it’s very likely that everything you do will be rolled back (deleted) by a staff member, and in some cases you might even get punished. I would avoid other people’s builds. The world is plenty big, it’s not hard to find a private area.

2. Applications for helper only open when more are needed, which apparently is not the case at the moment.

3. The server does reset, but it’s a rare event. In such cases, the old world is downloadable so you can access it in single player, if you wish.

4. We have two owners, who are relatively easy to find and contact through the server discord.

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By ByoSkril
1. No you can't live in it

2. The applications are closed because we have enough staff at the moment, if a staff member decides to step down from his position or just goes inactive, applications will be open again, you also have to be playing on the server for a month as a user

3. The server does reset after usually 6+ months but only if enough people want it to reset, we usually have a vote for the reset

4. We have two owners, CaptainSisko and Aryo170, we also have Arealiz108 but she sin't active anymore
You can check out all staff members here memberlist.php?mode=team

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, also if you have questions about the server rules you can do /rules on the server or go to this link rules
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