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By CPT_Myles
In game Username: CPT_Myles
Previous Usernames: None
Have you ever been banned or punished? Apart from jailing myself, no.
How active are you on the server: I attempt to join the server every day, and I am pretty good at that. (I think)
Age: 15
Time zone: GMT - (+1 In Summer) (-7 minutes GMT for real JSY Time zone)

Why do you want to become a staff member (Owner/(Official)Head-Admin): Well, honestly, I have been on the server for 2 years or more. I hope that I am well known among the 'community'. However, my main reason for wanting to become Owner/H-Admin is mostly due to the fact that many players seem to be unhappy with the new Owner team, therefore I want you/the community to have an Owner/H-Admin that you can relate to? I believe that being an Owner would mean that 'old-term' players will have a player that they know and can trust to talk to about server issues.

Why would I be a good Owner/H-Admin? Well, I have been a staff member for around 4~ years, and hopefully, during that time I have built up connections with many players and have gotten to know them. Hopefully, most players will believe me that I have never abused my powers, and if promoted I would not abuse my powers and would most likely act as a 'Co-Owner' or H-Admin. HOWEVER, to answer the question, Why would I be a good Owner/H-Admin, I shall answer the question with a question which is; Have I not been a good Administrator/Staff Member?

Why should staff trust you? Well, I'm an Admin, so they don't really have much choice... joking aside, as previously stated I have been a staff member for around 2 years, anyone who has been staff that long should have been trusted with this position/power. However honestly, trust is earned, I believe or hope that I have earned it although it is down to personal opinion to trust someone.

Any punishments given to me by a staff member: I have to admit, come clean, confess my sins. Yes. I have... it was a player called CPT_Myles, who jailed me for fun...

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member: Well, Sort've... I mean... I guess?

Ps, I would be a good Owner because I will ban those who oppose me.
*totally not copied from the old website*
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By Snickreny
I recommend Myles for owner, he is responsible, active, and kind. He's been on the server for few years now, and I think he deserves this rank.
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