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By vleeskeesie
Age (Optional):

GMT+2 (Daylight saving time)

Have you ever been banned, jailed, or muted?
If so, Why? No, I haven't been banned, jailed, or muted.

How active are you on the server?
I am generally very active on the server but I recently took a 4-month break from Minecraft. This was because I was busy with school and by putting Minecraft on hold I freed up a lot of time for school and playing some different games for once. Now that I'm back to playing Minecraft you can expect me to be online multiple hours a day.

Why do you want to become a Staff member?
I already am a staff member, so I will interpret this question as: "Why do you want to be promoted to admin?" I want to become an admin because I have recently noticed that a lot of problems are occurring with claims. Currently, I can't help these people because I don't have access to the commands that would help with these problems. I also get a new shiny tag which is nice.

Why would you be a good Helper/Moderator/Admin?
I have been a Moderator for quite some time now, so I know how to fix the frequently occurring problems people might encounter. Also Because I am very active on the server and the discord I can respond quickly when people have a problem. I also have no problem with stopping whatever I am doing in Minecraft to help someone else out.

Why should you be trusted with the responsibilities and powers associated with being a staff member?
If I had any bad intentions with the perks that you get with becoming a staff member, I could have done whatever I wanted as a Moderator.

Do you have any prior experience as a Minecraft server moderator or developer?
Apart from being a staff member on Left4Craft, I have no experience as a moderator or developer.

Do you know how to use the plugin Coreprotect? If not, are you willing to learn?
I am familiar with the plugin Coreprotect, but I am open for any help if there are tricks to do what needs to happen faster.
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By CPT_Myles
So, I haven’t recommended any other applications because generally I don’t think it’s right for an Admin, who will go ahead and review everyone to be or appear biased, that being said, Vlee is an incredibly active staff member and a person whom which I’m sure everyone would appreciate being an Admin on the server.

+ I always thought you were 17 ;-;
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By HeroQuinster
Woah myles beat me to it, like man you are great and are always really helpful on the server. Tho mate commas and capitals, however, honestly you are such a great mod and every thing you’ve said in your application is true and I would recommend the hell out of vlee becoming admin.
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By Melkjongen
Vlee would make an amazing admin, he's always active and extremely helpful. He deserves to be an admin.
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By Tedduck
Yeeeeeeeessssssssss! Vlee is almost always the first person to respond to people with questions. Super trustworthy dude <3
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By Librada
Vlee is such an incredible person. They are on quite a lot and help a whole crap ton. They totally deserve my recommendation!
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By TeslaBella
Having known Vlee, awhile I have had the opportunity to watch them grow and become one of the best mods on the server.
They are active, ready to help and is there to advise which makes a good leader. Yas I see them as a great admin.
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