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By Librada
Age (Optional): 13

Timezone: Mountain Standard Time

Have you ever been banned, jailed, or muted? If so, Why?
Yes, I have been banned before due to X-Raying, at the time it was an experiment, though I did know it was a bad idea. I now know why it is such a problem, and I know I will never do it again.

How active are you on the server?
To be honest, I don't know the last time I wasn't on for a day. So like everyday.

Why do you want to become a Staff member?
Due to how long I am on, I would really like to help the server more often! I love to help people, helping people makes me feel like a great person. I'd love to give back to the community in a kind way of being staff. Even at school I interact with the server, so i'm very attached. Through all my years of being here on Left4Craft I have seen many times that something went down with no staff on, I'd really love to stop something bad if no one else is there to help. Such as multiple times I have been called 'Lib-Tard' due to my name, it got very annoying, I would really want to stop that if it happens to anyone else!

Why should you be trusted with the responsibilities and powers associated with being a staff member?
I think I should be trusted because I would work hard in any situation no matter the cost. There's no exact way to earn someone's trust, but I will do my best, and my greatest to help this server, and help earning my trust.

Do you have any prior experience as a Minecraft server moderator or developer?
No, though I do think Left4Craft would be a great start mostly because of how often i'm on!

Do you know how to use the plugin Coreprotect? If not, are you willing to learn?
No, but I would love to learn!
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By HeroQuinster
I love lib and shes such a wonderful person, she even gave me turtle eggs when I started so I have turtles now
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By Twigo
Since day one (my day one) I have known lib shes always been there and a good friend and she would be a great helper
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By GoodTimeWithDrac
I see great potential in Librada, I think she would do fine for a helper. She is helpful and is an active player on the server :D
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By I_luxias_I
lib is so caring she loves to help others and loves to give tips and stuff on things I would recommend her for the rank helper
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By Snickreny
Lib is a positive person and tries to see the good in people. She would definitely be a good fit for staff.
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lib is such an awesome person here on the server, she would be a wonderful helper
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By juliieb
librada is sick and would def make a great helper :)
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By Spiriten
I support librada as helper. an awesome and helpful builder already who deserves this promotion
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