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By Clatino
Hello everyone! I have bad news as my computer is chronologically breaking down. I came on last a few days ago saying that my computer was randomly turning off. The error causing this is due to my brother dropping my computer a few weeks earlier. the charger was in the slot, and it fell from a few feet onto the ground. The entire side broke open, but my laptop still functioned properly. It wasnt until the other day that I found out that the charger, when moved turns off my computer and all of the running programs. I was able to avoid this by placing my laptop on a small coffee table near me (My brother broke my chair that I was using too). Now a few days ago, late at night, my brother spilled water on my keyboard. I did what I could to dry it up, but the next morning the asdf keys were not working. The problem with this is that I am typing with a USB keyboard, while my PC only has ONE USB port. This means I cannot use my mouse and keyboard at the same time.

In conclusion, I will not be online for a few days, or even more than a week (I have summer camp). Also I wont be able to play until I can get a bluetooth mouse or my computer repaired. :( I love you guys and I will be back someday, just keep working to what you want even though I know some players will celebrate my abscence.

Sincerely, Clatino
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By RemyLupin
The ones that would "celebrate" your absence.. well, they don't matter anyways if they did. I'll be glad when you get to come back on as I am fond of you.

Hope you get a shocking collar every time your brother comes near your computer in the future :) I hope all is well besides that.

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