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Ok, I am a bit dissappointed in a couple fellow game players, so I am posting this mini rant:
The c-word, is perhaps the most offensive word in the English language. It has been succinctly defined as the bottom half of a woman or a very despicable person too many times in gameplay. The persons that this rant applies too know full well who they are. I, for one am not only appalled at their behavior but disgusted as well as disappointed in their choice of words. It is a hard word and it makes us cringe. We don't want the word applied to us nor our mothers. So why do you use it against other game players who are here to enjoy what L4C offers? Remember this server been around alot longer then you and enjoyed success through change of ownship. What makes this such a good and wonderful serves is that tight knitted community that makes us a family. Would you use such violence in the "C" word,towards your sisters, your mother? I suggest that you should consider the words you choose to use and the persons you are directing them at: (1) Consider that they have feelings (yas they can hurt others) (2) You should think about apologizing to that person. (3) Refrain from using language that is overboard on this server. We are striving to make it community friendly so that all can enjoy playing on it not to drive persons with behavior that is wholly inconsistent with what L4C represent in the minecraft society. If you feel you really need to belittle another player with offensive words than my suggestion is take a break for a time and walk away from your keyboard and cool off.
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