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By Captain_Sisko
I first started running Left4Craft in 2013. My goal was never to become the biggest or most profitable server. In fact, profit was never really my motivation; if it were, I would have quit long ago. My goal was simply to have a Minecraft server on which I could relax and play with friendly people.

A secondary goal of mine was to provide the best possible experience for players. To this end I got rid of Enjin and replaced it with a custom forum registration plugin. I made strict requirements to become staff. I got rid of flashy cosmetics and overpowered donor perks.

I know the server's not perfect; the 1.13 update certainly isn't helping. Last school year I had an extremely tough course-load couldn't really keep up with the server. Since June, I've been working on a huge overhaul for the server. I've had to write lots of custom plugins and discord bots to make it happen. In the meantime I've been trying to get new players to join the server, since player count has been on a decline for awhile now.

Running a server like this isn't cheap. Forum software and quality plugins cost money. Writing custom plugins and administering the server costs time I could be spending earning money or relaxing. Instead of beating around the bush, I'll just list the monthly costs here:
  • Server: $41 / month (SYS GAME-2 with special discount)
  • Webserver: $2 / month (Namecheap Stellar hosting)
  • Server Store $13 / month (Buycraft premium) (got this recently)
I've never spammed people with DONATE NOW!!!!! messages or added game-breaking perks to donor ranks, and I don't intend to. My philosophy, however, has led to a distinct lack of revenue from the online store for the past year or so. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate myself to work on a project that I know will end up costing me a lot of time and money.

I've changed donor+ (patron in the next update) to be a monthly subscription because I believe it can provide more long-term sustainability for the server. I've also added a monthly option for "just donate". If you are are or intend to be a long term player, I'd ask that you at least consider contributing a small amount each month to help offset server costs. It would mean a lot.

I hate that I have to write this post, but unfortunately nothing good is ever free. If you're unwilling or unable to donate, you can still help by voting (rewards have been fixed) and by introducing this server to your friends.

If there are any suggestions for perks that people would be willing to pay for, please feel free to leave them below.

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By Daedaluxs

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