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Okay, so I have a dilemma. I really appreciate this server's no griefing policy, and it helped out when the claims reset and my stuff didn't get taken, but some people build some really atrocious things. I don't mean to be rude, but its just my honest opinion. About a year ago, or possibly more, someone built a VERY tall (& kind of ugly, sorry) building near my land + a few smaller extras. About a week later, they abandoned the claim and moved their stuff to somewhere new in the world. They left their buildings and then constantly asked staff to copy and paste the buildings for them because they didn't want to move it. They never took it down and then got banned maybe a month later for the first time, for reasons I don't remember. I believe they did a ban appeal, and then got banned again after that, leaving their buildings there for about a year and a half. Would it be considered griefing if I took it down even though they've been banned for over a year? I would really like to get rid of it but I like this server so I wouldn't want to get banned for griefing. I don't remember their username since it was a while ago, but any help would be awesome. Thanks!
I had checked the tower Delphyne was talking about (Coords: 1451.967 74.00000 -1207.673) and core had claimed (pun not intended) that there was no data. I had asked Earth what happened with the logs and said “Sisko didn't transfer the logs when he moved the server to new host almost 3 months ago maybe 2“. Me and Delphyne had also checked Internet Archive to see if there was a post of the player being banned. But, with no avail.
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