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Do you want the survival world to reset?

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By Eartharoid
The world is over a year old now, almost all the generated structures are raided, leaving very little for any new players.
I think we're switching to bungee cord in a couple of months, so a lot will change, including an economy reset. It makes sense to reset the survival world if we're changing other things.

I understand a lot of new players don't want their new builds to be destroyed, which is why we have a poll instead of just resetting it.
If the world does reset, you will likely be able to still visit it for a few months and/or download it.
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By Kenziy
If the build I've been working on for the last 2 months is erased I will 100% leave the server and never come back, and probably stop playing for another year at least. If you're willing to copy my whole build over with the reset then I will change my vote to yes as well. But I'd assume others would feel the same way. I will not throw away everything I've worked for again and start over again.
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By Captain_Sisko
Selectively moving builds between the old and new world would be unfair. If the world is reset, the old world would go up for download. If I hosted both the old a new world, I am afraid the community would become split.

That said, at this point I am the vote that is preventing "no" from winning. I will not reset the survival world without community support unless we begin to run into technical issues with the size of the world. I am considering greatly expanding the world boarder and moving the spawn, so new players can easily find unoccupied land.
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By Eartharoid
I think its better if the world reset waits until 1.13. It's quite a big update and the world generation changes, so it makes sense to reset then and not now.
If the world border is increased and spawn moved far away it probably wouldn't need to be reset for a while anyway.
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