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By Wildmiaow
I recently started playing survival (I've been much more active in the creative world) and I started to clear out a space to build my house, I made a claim but did not do /sethome, later I was shot and killed by a skeleton and I lost my stuff so I rejoined the survival world and realized I hadn't set a home, then I tried to abandon my claim but I can't find it so I couldn't abandon it, I don't want to abandon all of my claims because wouldn't that delete my creative world claims as well? Thanks.
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By Eartharoid
I believe there is a /claimlist or./listclaims command which will show you your claims and the coords so you can walk there.
and as sisko said, creative and survival claims are different so your plots would be fine.
if it is only a small claim with nothing in you probably don't even need to unclaim it
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By RemyLupin
@Wildmiaow I did a quick search for your death spots and found your it.. and also found your items (and killed the zombie that killed you since it was still hanging around lol).

I went ahead and set a home for you in the survival world. I noticed your "home" was your plotme plot, so "home" is now your survival home. Do /plotme home to get to your plot in creative :)

I also set up a chest with your items in it in the survival world home :)
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