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By LinkTheZombie
So, me (IG Name LinkTheZombie) and my friend Haxorouse are doing a lets play series on this server. We have gotten to the point where we have claimed a 600 * 600 block area. We are beginning our process to clear this area out. However, with our alternate account used for recording, we are always forced to "nerd pile" (place a stack or more blocks into a tower) to get a good recording angle for the deforestation process. We would request that the account LovelyCookie101, our alternate account, to be placed into gamemode 3 to make recording for not only this process, but any other things we may need it for, easier. We promise not to abuse gamemode 3 if it is given to us.
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By Captain_Sisko
This would let you find caves, spy, etc. I'm probably not going to fulfill this request.

This replay mod would probably suit your needs better than gamemode 3 would anyway.
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