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By SoggiMilk777
Me and my friends spent 2 days looking for diamonds and we finally found them but we got killed by zombies and creepers and lost all our diamonds in lava I blame this on the difficulty being hard as i could of killed those zombies if the gamemonde wasnt on hard maybe i could if it was medium so could the difficulty change to medium?
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By Melkjongen
Many people in the past have complained about the difficulty being too easy. Hard mode provides a challenge for everybody. Don't worry about dying, everyone dies sometimes. Just learn from it if you can and you'll get better at the game. You can always ask anyone online for help, people are normally eager and generous here
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By TeslaBella
Heck if I didn't die 10 times a day I must be sick in bed.... It nothing I lost a full diamond set of armor that enchantment on them. Not to mention books, ores and other things... /back is your best friend and dont be afraid to shout out for help.
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