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By TeslaBella
A lot of new players to the server are asking how to make money to get started. You can mine and sell ore back to the server.

Coal and diamond (not in ore blocks) can be sold back to the server. Diamonds buy back is $350 each. Coal is $8 each. Sorry but emeralds and obsidian can not be back to the server.

Ore blocks of the following can be sold back to the server:
Redstone $40 per block Stack $2560
Lapis $300 per block Stack $19200
Iron $30 per block Stack $1920
Gold $50 per block Stack $3200

To sell back to the server there are two commands:
/sell all - this will sells all ores you holding in your inventory. Be careful with this command in case you want to keep some ore blocks.

/sell hand - this only sells what is in your hand.

Anything else you can sell through /market or to other players using the trade.

Hope this helps people out.

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