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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Left4Craft - A small community Minecraft survival server. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Be respectful to all staff and players

    1. Harassment/bullying will not be tolerated #
    2. Do not demand/beg staff or players to do things for you #
    3. Please do not ask for OP powers - all staff earn their position through hard work, and it would be unfair to them if a random person got OP powers #
    4. If you need help from staff, use /helpop (message) and it'll get relayed to them. If no staff are online at the time, mail them in-game or post on the forums #
    5. Constant negative attitude will lead to a ban, either on the forums or server #
  2. Use in-game chat appropriately

    1. Refrain from swearing -- serious explicit language will not be tolerated #
    2. Use English whenever possible to communicate with players #
    3. Use /msg /r /tell for PM or for confidential chatter, and not for advertising. Private messages are logged, and may be looked at if necessary #
    4. No repeating your self more than necessary (spam) #
    5. No spamming. What counts are spamming is to be determined by the rules above or the highest ranking staff member online at the time #
    6. No Advertising. Instant permanent mute. If you would like to be un-muted, post an appeal on the forums #
  3. Building

    1. Griefing is not allowed, and you will be punished (we have block logs) #
    2. Raiding is punishable by up to 1 week of jail time, if not banned. Although we have chest logs, the items will not be restored due to duplication #
    3. If someone griefs you, alert one of the staff (or the forums if none are available) and they will do a rollback #
    4. If you have found an area that is obviously player built but not claimed, you may not raid grief, or occupy it. Just because you found it doesn't make it yours. If caught, you'll be seen as griefing/raiding and will face the consequences #
    5. Staff have the right to remove any construction they deem to be inappropriate #
    6. Being in possession of illegal blocks can result in a perm ban. Illegal blocks include command blocks and barrier blocks #
  4. PvP Appropriately

    1. PvP is enabled. However, all players must agree to fight. If not, there will be consequences #
    2. All players must agree to fight or you lose your right to keep items you won. Enough infractions equal severe punishment #
    3. Loot dropped in a PVP-allowed situation may be taken unless otherwise instructed #
  5. Do not use hacks/cheats or exploit glitches, including (but not limited to):

    1. Any method of duplication #
    2. Any minimap mod #
    3. Any type of x-ray mod or resource pack #
    4. Using a hacked client of any kind #
    5. Accepting any inappropriately obtained items #
  6. Discrimination Policy

    1. Discrimination based on sex/ethnicity/age/nationality/religion is prohibited and is punishable by a one month jail, a second offense is a permanent ban (not appeal-able) #
    2. Expressing extreme dislike of others based on age/viewpoint/server rank is punishable by a two-week jail, second offense is a permanent ban (appealable) #
  7. Account Rules

    1. It's your job to keep your account safe #
    2. Anything your account does, you are responsible for; be it another player using your account, in the forums, or in-game #
    3. Refrain from using an explicit user skin #
    4. You may appeal ONCE if you have been punished, appealing a second time will lead to a forum ban or even a longer in-game one #
    5. You should refrain from commenting on ban appeals unless you have any evidence for or against their case #
  8. Teleportation Rules

    1. There is a no tolerance rule on abuse of the /tp function #
    2. Both parties must consent to teleportation before teleporting (this includes if you are part of a private village). /etp is not allowed unless it's for staff investigations. If you are found to /etping to players without their consent, there will be consequences #
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