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By jbier5
We let boss into our base willingly, expecting them to trade with the villagers. I returned later today to find them forcing the villagers out of our area to kill them. I thought it was just one but I realized that the ones I had named earlier were missing as well. When we asked them to stop, they found ways into our base multiple times. Boss asked for the top perms on our claimed area and I'm not sure what would've happened if I would've given it to him. Although all of our area's entrances are blocked off, he has set a section of our land as his home. I'm just asking that we get him away from us and for him to stop begging for items and materials. I have nophoto or video evidence for this but I have a second (TayDuck) and possibly third (Bluhuskeygaming) eyewitness.
I would keep an eye on him/her, Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
Count to a million!


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you have permission to kill him

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