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No natural regeneration?

Yes, I like this suggestion.
No! I want natural regeneration.
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By LelsersLasers
When we get the new server host is there a way to make the survival where health doesn’t naturally regenerate. This would be in addition to the normal survival. I think this could be cool as it forces players to play more carefully as any damage they take is permanent. You could get health back by potions of instant health and golden apples.
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By Eartharoid
LelsersLasers wrote:NOTE:This would be IN ADDITION to the standard survival world
@LelsersLasers you mean you want there to be 2 separate worlds? 1 with regen and 1 without?

Having two survival worlds will likely split the community.
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By Captain_Sisko
LelsersLasers wrote:What do you mean ‘split the community ‘?
He means it will reduce the number of players in the same gamemode, potentially causing it to be less enjoyable.
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By Captain_Sisko
People don't spontaneously know about a new game-mode just because we add it. It would have to be advertised.

I don't think this will happen anytime soon -- we are focusing on zombies at the moment. If the community grows considerably, we can reconsider.

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