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By RemyLupin
I would love to have something that can be used to trade with other players. you type /trade (player) and the other person has 15 seconds to /trade accept (it'll notify them in chat).

you place your items in, accept and the other person can accept it or cancel the trade.

And if selling items for money, have a plugin where you can withdraw money into a money note so that can be placed in the trade window if trading for money. I feel that it'd be a safer way to look at the items/money being traded so less scamming or not getting paid, etc.
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By NerdDoesGaming
I think the trade command would be interesting, as long as it functioned like /tpa (not spamming chat, like auction plugins). I also think it should have the same expiration time as /tpa. Just to clarify: this plugin would automatically remove funds or items from a player’s inventory upon being accepted, correct? The plugin would also have to have some sort of function to prevent scams that might be done by renaming objects, perhaps with a text like “… Item WOODEN_SWORD ‘DIAMOND SWORD,’” and you could view enchantments by scrolling over the name with your mouse.

So yeah, I think it’d be cool.
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By RemyLupin
@Eartharoid yes, that is very much like the plugin. Not exactly the same but it is so close that it would be good.

As for money, I don't think it automatically withdraws the money.. the server that uses this plugin uses "banknotes".. like they'll /withdraw $20k so there is a piece of paper that can be used to add it to your account which could be the currency but not sure but the plugin might have a button to click to insert money.. and you can inspect the other items that the other person is giving before you accept anything which would limit the scamming.

And if they scammed using /trade or something, a tempban would be issued for a few days :D

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