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By ManiacalFish
Corrupt a wish is where one wishes for something and the next person to come along corrupts it and makes it simply undesirable. I'll do an example.

Me: I wish to be rich

Someone else: Granted, but you can only spend your money on wet cat food. I wish for blah blah blah.

After you corrupt someone's wish, you then make a wish that will also eventually be corrupted.

I'll start us off.

I wish to be extremely good looking.
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By Yuukina

Granted, but no one else finds you attractive.

I wish that the wizarding world (of Harry Potter) was real.
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By Yuukina
Granted, but you can only buy toilet plungers with it. (;

I wish that I had all the information that I ever need to know stored in my brain.
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By NerdDoesGaming
Granted, but you can never remember any of it when you need it.

I wish I was a Jedi in the Star Wars universe
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By Snickreny
Wish granted, but you get no powers/lightsabers.
I wish to see David Bowie ;)
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By vleeskeesie
Wish granaten, but after every wish one of your limbs gets amputated.

I wish to live in the mcu
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By Snickreny
Wish granted, but all the users/staff don't give you credit for anything.
I wish people would appreciate me more

I think we could still do this even if the phantom[…]

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