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By Snickreny

Name: Snickreny, Snick, BreadSnick, Snickelodeon, and many other names...

Gender:: Female

Current Rank: User and Donor

Location:: Ohio

Time zone:: UTC-05:00

Have you ever been banned, jailed, muted? If so, why?::
I have gotten muted for little joke, regret that mistake, and will not being repeating that little mistake.

How active are you on the server?::
I am very active, especially on the weekends. On weekdays I have work from 7:30AM-4:30PM, but I get on at least 1-2 hours a day. I am always open to talk or to try to help someone figuring out with the commands.

Why you want to be a staff member?::
I like helping players. This month I been helping, and making friends with the guest. I had been helper before, but I had moved during then, making inactive. I wish to could influence other players to help each other and show the same respect.

Why should I trust you::
I have not got into trouble also I am both active and committed to the server. As stating and shown I get on at least once per day.

Would you be good for staff::
I know how to use core. Also a good problem solver and I could bring my positivity to the server, which I hope could influence other players on the server.
Have you been a staff member on another server before: As I said, I’ve been staff before on Left4Craft. But sadly moved from the Uk to Ohio.

Do you know how to use the plugin Coreprotect, and have you ever been staff before?:
I do, as I said multiple times above, I use to be staff on the server, but had been demoted since I moved. I know core inside and out. And will be willing to learn new commands/plugins/ect.

Personal goals::
Help with either making maps, help design icons for website, help other players with memorizing the commands by heart, and many more. I hope to make the server better than it is now, attracting other players and players back to this server. I love this server heart and whole, and wish it stays up for many more years.

In conclusion I like this little server, everyone is like family. Not everyone gets along but I could help them. I really hope you accept this, I think I could really make an influence, an effect on the server.

Please take everything I've mentioned into consideration,
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By Yuukina
Snickreny is a kind person, experienced with many commands, and is a committed player. I believe that she is an asset to the community and would be a great helper! :)
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By Snickreny
Welp, already got two recommendations (in 45 minutes). lol
Also thank you, Byo & Yuuki. xx
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By LostShades
Snick's always on. She's kind, and helpful to other players, and she seems to be very experienced with bukkit/spigot commands in general. I think she'd be great for helper.
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