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Do you like the New Survival Spawn ?

I like the New Survival Spawn!
Needs more work!
No votes
I like the Current Survival Spawn!
So the builder team has been hard at work designing some new refreshed spawns for Left4Craft. If any members would like to visit the proposed new survival spawn on server please use /warp newsurvivalspawn . The spawn will be added if the community poll and opinion is positive towards the new survival spawn replacing our current survival spawn. Please Vote in the poll.
- New 'Survival' Spawn


Looks too much like a hub
Looks similar to a minigame server build
Feels boxed in
*Texture Pack dependent* Quartz is so smooth and 'mat' looking
Breaks away from the traditional 'Vanilla' type of gameplay that this server is 'based' upon
The giant hat needs to be attached to the centre pylons.
Lanterns in the sky
Way more complicated than the current spawn (which also looks like survival)


I like the 'underground' section
Would be a nice minigame hub
Grass/stone walls look nice
The separate quarters
Count to a million!


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