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By LelsersLasers
When I jump off things using my elytra I just fall straight down without taking any fall damage. I was wondering is there something I am doing wrong or is it a problem with the server? If it is a problem with the server can someone get it fixed?
Thanks, LelsersLasers
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By NerdDoesGaming
Elytras work for me, last time I checked. It could’ve been the result of bad communication between your computer and the server (your internet might’ve been slow at the time, or the server was having one of its occasional heart attacks). Check your ping if it continues to not work.
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By Captain_Sisko
It's possible that the server is at fault. You're not the only one with elytra issues from what I've heard.
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By Eartharoid
There is something wrong with the server but I don't know what yet.
Something to do with a flight check I think. The issue doesn't happen when I have fly mode enabled.
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