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Age (Optional): 14

Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time

Have you ever been banned, jailed, or muted? If so, Why?
yes, but it was for trying to see if it would fix an afk glitch that happened to be not to long ago

How active are you on the server?
I try to be on everyday, only times I'm not on is when im away from home

Why do you want to become a Staff member?
because all I want to do is help people on the server, I want to make sure people are happy and help with any problems the players have on the server. when a problem pops up I try to do my best to help the problem even if I dont have commands to do so. for example: someone's claim is being claimed by another person, I try to help the person out until someone with the ability to remove the claim is available

Why should you be trusted with the responsibilities and powers associated with being a staff member?
because I have not once greifed or upset a person on the server and all I really want is to see people happy on the server and I know quite a few people on the server know im trustworthy so im trying to be a helper so people know im there to help

Do you have any prior experience as a Minecraft server moderator or developer?
no I have not even though I would love to be

Do you know how to use the plugin Coreprotect? If not, are you willing to learn?
i do not know how to, but i am 100% willing to learn
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By Librada
DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT JUST RECCOMENDING HER BECAUSE WE ARE GREAT FRIENDS. I AM ACTING AS SEEING HER FROM AN OUTSIDER VEIW. Anywho, I think Alyssa would be an amazing helper, she is on quite often, she is super kind, and she has a great potential for helping people. :D
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By Twigo
As I said with Librada, Shes basically been there since day one for me and always been nice and took things serious, I feel Aly would make a great staff member!
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By HeroQuinster
Same as Twig Aly's been here since day one for me and when's not on the server it like wait Aly isn't here she's kinda like a server stable, that there just should how dedicated to the community, as well as this I know if I ever need anything Aly would be right over to help and so with that in mind I think she would make a wonderful helper
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By GoodTimeWithDrac
Alyssa would be a make a great Helper. She is active, helpful to the players and is literally on all the time. She gets my recommendation
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By Spleen_
Alyssa is one of the OG's of this server. She is consistently active, kind, and always helping others. She is one of the most approachable people on the server making her (in my opinion) one of the best candidates this year.
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By Eartharoid
Thank you for applying, however due to limited open positions, your application was rejected. You are welcome to re-apply in the future.
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