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By LunaDBZ
Age (Optional): 17
Timezone: MST (Mountain standard time)
Have you ever been banned, jailed, or muted? If so, Why? I have been jailed before muted and kicked only for jokes between staff though.
How active are you on the server? I usually come on for a few times a week, like 5 days.
Why do you want to become a Staff member? I wanna help people out and talk to people and help the server out in general, just like I used to when I was helper/mod
Why you would be a good Helper/Moderator/Admin? I think I would be good for a helper because I am pretty talkative, I like making new friends, especially on MC, and I really enjoy helping people in MC on the server and having lots of people ask me for help when they need it.
Why should you be trusted with the responsibilities and powers associated with being a staff member? I would say so, I never grief and I like helping people with problems/fixing stuff for other players.
Do you have any prior experience as a Minecraft server moderator or developer? Used to be a Moderator for L4C
Do you know how to use the plugin Coreprotect? If not, are you willing to learn? I kinda remember some of it, unless it changed, I'd be willing to relearn or learn anything new that has been added.

Also, I am not very active on the forums but I am willing to check it and read around pretty often
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By Yuukina
I recommend Luna to be helper, because he's had previous experience as staff on Left4Craft. He's incredibly helpful and kind to players on the server and as a person in general. He'll be an excellent addition to the staff team.
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By NerdDoesGaming
Luna is exceptionally kind and responsible, and the fact that he has experience as staff makes him a strong candidate for helper. +1 recommendation.

And yes, I know Luna IRL, if anyone has a problem with that ask me about it. I think I am able to give an unbiased opinion as I would for anyone else on Left4.
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By Captain_Sisko
Congratulations, your application has been accepted!

Please read through the staff forums before doing anything. You will be given a brief test about how to use coreprotect in a couple of weeks.

okay, Thank you for clarification!

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